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Next generation testing

Provar lets you scale your testing, increase reliability and reduce failures. We provide everything you need for robust, repeatable testing.

How does it work?

Automation that makes an impact

  1. High coverage
    Provar lets you test features that other solutions can’t, with in-depth support across all Salesforce features and clouds. Includes Consoles, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components and more.
  2. Robust testing
    Provar automatically suggests robust field locators which are resistant to cosmetic changes. With Provar you can reduce maintenance effort by more than 80% compared to traditional automation options.
  3. Full control
    Provar has inbuilt locators for Salesforce fields. Get the right locator suggested automatically, or choose your preferred method based on XPath, label, CSS or ID.

End to end testing

Provar lets you test your full business processes in Salesforce and beyond, combining both UI and API actions to deliver total coverage.

Data driven test support

Provar lets you read in test data from CSV, Excel, JSON or database connections to run multiple scenarios and permutations rapidly as part of the same test.

UI and API options

Provar combines UI and API steps in the same test for a highly efficient test design.

Salesforce APIs can be used to quickly create, update or delete test data in any object.

Reusable tests

Provar supports ‘callable’ tests to encapsulate reusable logic across the test suite.

Callable tests can be built once and referenced across multiple tests, maximizing test reuse while minimizing maintenance.

Considering switching from Selenium to Provar?

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