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Salesforce Sales Cloud testing

Thorough Salesforce Sales Cloud testing is essential to make sure your business keeps running. Provar supports your full lead to order process to ensure your sales organization runs smoothly, your customers receive great service and your business’ essential data is protected.
Deep Salesforce Sales Cloud Support

Deep Salesforce Sales Cloud Support

Automate your essential deep Sales Cloud testing workflows, from lead assignment and activity tracking to pricing rules and discounting, opportunity management, orders and provisioning.

Configure data driven testing

Data Driven Testing

Configure the same test case with multiple different data sets to allow rapid and efficient testing of your pricing structures.

Cloud end to end automation testing

End to End Testing

Verify the full Lead to Cash process across multiple systems including Salesforce CPQ, PDF generation, email, order integration and billing (e.g. Netsuite, Oracle, SAP).

PDF confirmation validation

Quote and Order Confirmation PDF validation

Easily verify document PDFs including quote details, order date, product line items, pricing and discounts.

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“We are very pleased with Provar as a tool. We found it easy to set up and use, and we’ve seen a significant reduction in our Salesforce regression testing time since its adoption. Provar’s daily execution reports have been particularly effective for us as we can see full regression test results every morning just by opening our email. Our ability to detect and respond rapidly to issues has been greatly improved.”
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“We came to Provar to reduce our manual Sales Cloud testing effort and better support agile developments by running the whole test pack automatically on a regular basis. With Provar we halved our Sales Cloud testing time.”
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“Our Provar test cases are currently testing Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud including Console, Lightning, Flows, Visualforce and many integrations.”

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