ServiceMax Testing Made Easy

“Provar has worked closely with our teams to develop a first-class solution for ServiceMax UI and FSA testing.”

Chuck Meredith, Global Vice President of Customer Support at ServiceMax

ServiceMax testing made easy

Quality field service needs quality delivery. With each upgrade you need fast, accurate testing to keep quality high and take advantage of new features.

But how can you deliver good testing that keeps pace with the rate of change?

50-98% decrease in regression effort



ROI of up to 96% in the first year



Nightly runs at no additional cost

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Testing ServiceMax with Provar

Join Charles Meredith (ServiceMax) and Geraint Waters (Provar) as we demonstrate how Provar can help you reduce your risk, increase your agility and ensure lasting quality in your ServiceMax program.

Simple to set up

Test builder

Provar’s point-and-click test builder lets you build tests interactively in the browser.

Locator suggestions

Provar instantly recognizes ServiceMax elements from metadata and suggests the best locators automatically.

ServiceMax specialist

Provar is designed for ServiceMax and aligned to the roadmap. You’ll stay way ahead of new releases and features.

Easy to maintain

Robust locators

Provar generates robust locators that work across different test environments.

Iterative building

Build and rework tests simultaneously in the Test Builder using breakpoints and forwards or backwards stepping.

Readable tests

Provar tests suites can be read and understood by the entire test team and its stakeholders.

Mobile Ready

Test FSA on IoS and Android

Provar supports testing ServiceMax’s Field Service Application (FSA) on IoS or Android, using the same simple approach for mobile or browser testing. Mobile testing has never been so easy.

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