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Mobile emulation (Salesforce mobile)

As of Provar 1.9, Provar supports mobile emulation for testing on the Salesforce Mobile app (aka Salesforce1). Support has been added for iPad testing initially with other devices to follow in subsequent releases. Provar’s mobile emulation utilizes built-in Chrome capabilities to emulate various mobile devices.

Mobile emulation is a mechanism for emulating or simulating a mobile device or smartphone environment. It allows developers to test URLs or other technologies on a mobile device’s operating system and display interface.

Mobile Emulation can be enabled via the Browser Providers tab.

On the Add New Browser Configuration window provide a name for the configuration (e.g. IPAD), then select the ‘Mobile Emulation’ radio button. ‘Mobile Emulation’ allows users to select a Device Type, Orientation and their configuration on which Salesforce Mobile app testing needs to be carried out.

Then set the Device Type. Device Type contains a list of iOS and Android devices along with custom device definitions. Currently for Salesforce Mobile app testing only iPad is supported. Other options will be available in subsequent releases.

Set the Device Type to iPad:

Once the Device Type is selected, other values will be defaulted automatically. These can be overridden by the user if wanted.

Then click the OK button.

Once the new Browser Configuration is saved it will be added under the Browser Configurations section.

Then click the OK button to add the new Browser Provider.

To execute test cases on the Salesforce Mobile App, select the corresponding Web Browser and Browser values in Provar Desktop:

Then run the test case. This should now be using the mobile emulation configuration defined above, using Test Builder, Run or Debug modes.

For example: