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Salesforce Mobile (Salesforce1)

Provar now supports the testing of Salesforce Mobile (aka Salesforce1) via the browser on real devices, not via the app. Execution of mobile test cases is supported using Chrome Emulators, a Local Appium Server, Perfecto Mobile and Sauce Labs Mobile. Note that, although execution is supported on all the above, as of Provar 1.9.8 test authoring is only possible using Chrome Mobile Emulators.

The Salesforce Mobile App is built and runs on Salesforce Platform and unifies Salesforce mobile offerings into a single app for Salesforce users. Salesforce1 is a mobile container that makes it easy for partners to deliver a mobile app or experience and give Salesforce users a way to do essential actions from their phone.

Refer to Mobile Emulation, Mobile Testing with Appium, Perfecto Mobile and Sauce Labs Mobile for more information.