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This function converts a date into a specific format. Refer to SimpleDateFormat for more information on available date formats.

Format: DateFormat(date,output format,timezone)


{DateFormat()}– Defaults to system date in the format yyyy-MM-dd, e.g. 2015-01-16

{DateFormat(TODAY,"MM-dd-YYYY")}– Modify date format to be month-first, e.g. 01-16-2015

{DateFormat(DateAdd(TODAY,5),"MM-dd-YYYY")}– Use with other functions, e.g. 01-21-2015

{DateFormat(NOW,"MM-dd-YYYY hh a zzzz","GMT")}– Including a timezone, e.g. 01-16-2015 10 AM Greenwich Mean Time



Want to learn more about using this function in Provar? You can use the following sample test case to get started. Simply right-click to download DateFormat.testcase and then drag and drop the test case into the test folder within the Navigator panel of Provar.

Note: You will need to unzip/extract the compressed file before using it in Provar.