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This function tests whether a supplied list of values is Sorted in Ascending or Descending order.

Format: IsSorted(Values,“Name/ColNumber”,“Order”,“Type”,“Format”)


{IsSorted(Col.columns.dueDateTimeColumnMain.columnValues, "1 ASC DATE dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm aaa")}– Results true if supplied list of values with mentioned dateformat is in Ascending order

{IsSorted(Col.columns.caseNumber.columnValues, "1 DESC")}– Results true if supplied list of values with default type and format is in descending order



Want to learn more about using this function in Provar? You can use the following sample test case to get started. Simply right-click to download IsSorted.testcase and then drag and drop the test case into the test folder within the Navigator panel of Provar.

Note: You will need to unzip/extract the compressed file before using it in Provar.