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This function generates a unique value. This is typically used in a Set Values Test Step to create a variable, which can then be referred to to generate and identify test data during a test.

FormatUniqueId(Length, Format)

Note that Length and Format are both optional. If not supplied, the UniqueId value will be 12 alphanumeric characters.


{UniqueId(8)}– This will generate a unique ID, length 8, of alphanumeric characters, e.g. I67OOO54

{UniqueId(12,NUMERIC)}– This will generate a unique ID, length 12, using numbers only, e.g. 412373164167

{UniqueId(12,ALPHA)}– This will generate a unique ID, length 12, using letters only, e.g. GTWAWNZYWSIC

{UniqueId(36,UUID)}– This will generate a universally unique ID, length 36, e.g. 8398e3c6-94ef-4e90-a809-03191424fda0



Want to learn more about using this function in Provar? You can use the following sample test case to get started. Simply right-click to download UniqueID.testcase and then drag and drop the test case into the test folder within the Navigator panel of Provar.

Note: You will need to unzip/extract the compressed file before using it in Provar.