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Commonly used test palette commands

An introduction to the Provar test palette

The Test Palette in Provar is basically a library of commands you can use to create more advanced tests. These commands are grouped together by category: Control, UI Testing, Database, Design, Force.com, List, Messaging, Read/Write, ServiceMax, String APIs and Web.

For the purpose of this Quick Start Guide, we put together the following mini-tutorials that demonstrate how to use the most common commands. If you would like to learn more about all of the items available as part of the Test Palette, please refer to Making Advanced Edits to Test Steps: Test Palette.


How to use an assert test step

This test step checks the values or attributes of a UI field and compares them to the expected values. This is most useful for when fields on a UI need to have their values and/or behavior checked in a functional testing flow. This test step can also be used to check messages on a page, using a Page Assertion, or values in a column, using a Column Assertion.

Learn how to use this test step. 


How to use a break test step

Exits the enclosing loop (For Each, While) or Switch.

Learn how to use this test step. 


How to group steps

This test step creates a labelled grouping for a number of Test Steps within your test case. It can be used to make test cases more readable.

Learn how to use this test step. 


How to use the If command

This Test Step evaluates a boolean condition to determine which sub-steps will be executed. A different set of sub-steps can be defined for either result. This test step is most useful for when you need to execute certain steps based on the value of a variable which is set dynamically during the test run. The variable is checked against the expected value, which returns either TRUE or FALSE as output.

Learn how to use this test step. 


How to use the While command

This step executes the contained test steps repeatedly until the specified condition is TRUE or until a break is encountered.

Learn how to use this test step.