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Data driven testing


An introduction to data driven testing

What’s great about Provar is that you can automate so many aspects of the testing process in order to substantially accelerate testing.

One way you can do just that is by incorporating Data Driven Testing into your workflows. What is that? Instead of manually entering information in the application you want to test, you can provide Provar with an external data source.

For example, if you are testing a workflow designed to create a new lead in Salesforce, you can read that data into Provar from a database, JSON file, .csv file or an Excel spreadsheet and rapidly create multiple leads with realistic and varying test data. (Note: For the purpose of this quick start guide, we will just focus on using Excel.)


Reading data from Excel

With Provar, you can read data from Excel to provide the test data for scenarios such as create new accounts, create new contacts, update opportunities, etc. Then, you can use Provar to verify that the system worked correctly. Click here to learn more.


Writing data to Excel

Writing Data to Excel is fairly similar except in reverse. You can use Provar to verify scenarios and then export that information into spreadsheets. Here’s more information about how to do just that.