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Testing sample metadata versus your own metadata

This Quick Start Guide is designed to help you learn how to use Provar and key testing concepts.

To give you more flexibility, we can provide you with a file (filename: demo.zip) that includes sample metadata. Or, you can create a connection to your Salesforce platform (or another web-based application) to practice the lessons outlined in this guide. 

It’s really up to you!

Though, it’s important to note that the instructions for setting up Provar do vary slightly.

If you are testing sample metadata, there is no need to create a connection to Salesforce (or a different web-based application). When you import the demo.zip file into Provar, it will automatically create a temporary connection to a Provar licensed Salesforce account. Sound like a plan? Learn more here!

If you are testing your own metadata, you will need to create a Salesforce connection (or a connection to a different web-based application). Discover how to get started!