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Map Of Provar

To help you get a better understanding of Provar and where to go to find the most commonly features, below includes a map of Provar. The numbers shown on this screenshot correspond to description of that capability below.

(1) Navigator

The Navigator within Provar is sort of like the foundation of a house. You can’t start to build anything without that essential component. Within the Navigator, you can access the building blocks of testing – things like settings, setup configurations, locally stored files and your test cases. 

The following includes a list of the items stored within the Navigator. 

  • .settings – This includes the basic Eclipse settings that are embedded within the Provar application. Provar users should not alter this folder. 
  • ANT folder – This folder stores your ANT application files and test results from ANT generated tests. Provar users should not alter this folder. 
  • Bin folder – The Bin folder stores the Java classes for page objects, page controls and customer APIs. Provar users should not alter this folder. 
  • META-INF  – This includes information about the plugins that are required to run Provar. Provar users should not alter this folder. 
  • Test Plans – Test plans are designed to help users run a repeatable collection of tests per each release cycle and make basic changes to the environment settings such as browser settings, build number and build server.
  • Src – This stores the list of custom objects that are created for test cases. 
  • templates folder – The templates folder stores JSON, .csv and Excel files that have been uploaded as part of test cases. 
  • Test cycle – The test cycle folder is designed to group tests that run together. Using test cycles, you can execute basic commands such as running groups of tests at the same time and specify if tests should be rerun if they fail.
  • Test cases –  This includes your library of existing test cases.


(2) Test case window

The test case window displays the current test case.


(3) Test case parameters and settings

You can change a variety of aspects of the current test case using this component.


(4) Test palette

The test palette includes a wide range of test commands.


(5) Test runner

The Test Runner provides a detailed output of the tests you have run. A new Test Run tab is created for each separate Test Run. You can view the output of each Test Step, including detailed timings and screenshots, by clicking on it.


(6) Create a new test

To create a new test in Provar, simply click the button in the upper-left corner of Provar Desktop.


(7) Test Builder

The Test Builder, a Chrome application, is an interactive tool for authoring and debugging UI Test Cases. The Test Builder captures fields and values on your Salesforce (and non-Salesforce) webpages and adds them to your Test Case as Test Steps. This allows you to build up Test Cases rapidly, authoring and debugging as you go.