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Using content assist


Introduction to Content Assist

It’s a good idea to always use Content Assist when entering functions to help avoid making syntax errors. Content Assist is sort of like how Google autofills content as part of your search. Similarly, the Content Assist functionality auto-populates functions that you can tweak as you build test cases.

You can use Content Assist with any parameter that supports expressions. You can check this by clicking the icon at the right of a parameter and choosing Expression Editor. Just right-click on your target field and select Content Assist from the dropdown menu to get started. 


Introduction to functions

To use functions, first select the test step where you want to apply a function. For example, you may have a step to set the Close Date field to 2020-01-01. With a function, you could set the Close Date to a dynamic value such as today’s date, or a date 2 weeks out, based on when the test is run.

To add a function, go to Provar Desktop, click into your Close Date test step and you will see sections for Control, Interaction, Wait and Options. 

Within the interactions section, right-click the Value field and select Content Assist from the drop down menu. From there you will find a wide range of functions such as Count(), DateAdd(), UniqueId() and more. Using the down arrow, you can scroll through the available functions and also view a short description of the purpose of each.

Simply click the function that you want to insert and then modify the function as needed within the open parentheses (). To learn more about specific functions that you can use in test cases and how, you can access this help page online