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Adding a Salesforce Communities connection

To add a connection to test as a Community user, start by creating a new connection and adding a connection name. Refer to Steps 1 and 2 of Adding a Salesforce connection. Then complete the following steps.

Step 3: Set Connection Type to Salesforce, then choose Salesforce Communities Connection.

Step 4: Specify whether the user is also an internal Salesforce user or whether they are purely a Communities user.


If the user is an internal Salesforce user

Use Log-on As to make the connection:

Then specify the Community Name / ID. This can be found in the Site Name field of the Communities detail page within Salesforce, accessed via Setup > Build > Develop > Sites.

Finally, specify the the admin connection to be used in Log-on As Connection, and the Salesforce username of the new Community user in Username.

If the user is not an internal Salesforce user

Use Normal Log-in to make the connection. Then enter a Username, Password and specify the Environment type. This will control the Salesforce screen used to log in.

If you are using a custom Community Login URL, specify it under Advanced Settings.

The Metadata Connection and Partner Connection should also be set to an admin connection that has been previously added.

Step 5: Click the Test Connection button to validate the connection details, then click the OK button.