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Internationalization support

Provar now supports internationalization testing of Salesforce, i.e. the end-user testing of Salesforce in languages other than English.

Internationalization testing is the process of verifying the application under test to work uniformly across multiple regions and cultures. The main purpose of internationalization testing is to check if the code can handle all international support without breaking functionality that might cause data loss or data integrity issues.

Salesforce’s supported languages are detailed here. Provar currently supports Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Swedish with more languages to be added in the future.

To test Salesforce in a different language, simply follow the normal process of mapping test steps in the Test Builder. Provar will detect the language automatically and map test steps as usual.

In the example below, Provar is testing Salesforce in Spanish. The draft test step is mapping a row in the Recently Viewed Accounts list view:

Note that the page and fields have been recognized automatically with both their Spanish-language labels and their English translations.

In this next example, Provar is testing an account detail page in Spanish. Once again the elements are recognized automatically:

The same applies for edit screens:

And related lists:

In Provar Desktop the above test steps appears as follows:

Note that Provar’s syntax is in English as usual, but some elements retain the language they were displayed as in the UI, such as the Object ‘Cuenta’ (Account), the Action ‘Lista’ (List), and other elements such as field labels.

The test above displays as follows when run in the Test Runner: