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Add a license firewall exception

If you have difficulties activating your Provar license, you may need to whitelist our licensing servers. One of the following error messages may be displayed if there is a server communication error: 

  • “Failed to activate LICENSE_NAME: The floating license server is not currently available”.


How can I whitelist Provar servers?

User workstation  

Requests license from License4j at startup
Connection is authenticated using application (not a browser)
Request: HTTPS
Port: 443
RunAs: provar.exe

Proxy server (if exists) Provar will use the system proxy settings for the workstation
Source address Target address Destination port Description
 x.x.x.x online.license4j.com

443 Allow access to licensing server
License server (public) HTTP License4j Server


https://online.license4j.com/d/autoactivate (Note: This URL is not reachable via a browser)