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Increase system memory for Provar

Very large SFDC Orgs require Provar to have more memory allocated to download Metadata and execute tests. From Provar 1.9 onwards, 1024m system memory is assigned by default. However if you are on an earlier version of Provar or want to otherwise change the memory allocation, take the following steps to do so.

To allocate more system memory to Provar:

Navigate to the Provar installation directory

Edit the file provar.ini

Increase the upper limit to the preferred value, e.g. -Xmx1024m

Save the file and restart Provar

If you are unable to save the file (access denied), you can update your security settings as follows.

(1) Right-click on the provar.ini file and choose Properties.

(2) Click the System tab, select the User and click the Edit button.

(3) Select Users and Allow Full Permission and then click the Apply button.

(4) If this does not work, you can replace the file.

Save the provar.ini file to another location (e.g. Desktop)

Rename the original

Copy the modified file into the install directory