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Resolving failed to create ChromeDriver error

In some instances, there are conflicts with new releases of the Google Chrome browser which generates an error message and prevents Provar from working correctly.

Currently, there is an issue running Provar using Chrome v78. Users will see a failed to create ChromeDriver error when attempting to execute test cases in any run mode, including via Apache Ant in conjunction with any continuous integration solution.

See example error message below.

We are working to quickly remediate this known issue. In the meantime, you can make some adjustments to the provar.ini file to solve this issue. Here is how!

Recommended Solution

(1) Enable ChromeDriver versioning by making the following entry in the provar.ini file at the installed location. Typically this is added to the end of the script. Details on ChromeDriver versioning can be found in the 1.9.11 release notes. You can also learn more about adding permissions to edit provar.ini files online here.

For Apache Ant execution, the user can use the following commands to set this variable:

For Windows Set ANT_OPTS to:


For Linux or Mac Export ANT_OPTS to:


(2) Delete any ChromeDriver folder inside the user home folder. {UserHome}/Provar/.chromeDriver. Note: Ensure that there are no ChromeDriver processes running. Kill the processes if there are any.

(3) Execute the test case to launch the browser session.

What should I do if I don’t have permissions to update my provar.ini file?

Refer to this help page for information on an alternative way of overriding your ChromeDriver version using your project’s lib folder.

If you implement this solution and are still encountering difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact support@provartesting.com for additional help.