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Resolving Jenkins license missing error

This page explains how to troubleshoot the Missing License errors in Jenkins.

Sometimes, during ANT execution via Jenkins, an error License details are required appears.

The message reads: Error: License details are required.

This error appears because during execution via Jenkins, the license is not being fetched from the correct location.

Currently, the Provar license is present at <user.home>/Provar/.license. During ANT execution on command prompt or execution via Provar desktop, the license is retrieved from this path.

If you receive the error described above, take the steps below to resolve:

Step 1: Go to <user.home>/Provar/.

Step 2: Copy .license folder.

Step 3: Go to location on where Jenkins is trying to identify license as shown in screenshot above.

Step 4: Paste .license folder.

Step 5: Execute test cases via Jenkins now and this time license should be identified.