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UI connect

Invokes a ‘Non-Salesforce’ Connection into your test case for UI testing.  This test step must be added before using any UI test step for Non-Salesforce UI testing.  For Salesforce UI testing, however, API ‘Salesforce Connect’ needs to be used.


Connection Name – Choose the Non-Salesforce UI connection you wish to do UI Testing upon.  Provar auto-populates the list of all test connections in this list.
Result Name – Enter the name of the output variable in which the invoked ‘Connection’ will be stored.  This variable will then be referenced in all proceeding UI test APIs as shown in below example.
Result Scope – Refer to Managing test steps for more information.

3 ways to add this API to your test case

1. While creating a new UI Test Case – UI Connect can be added as a test step to your test case and the connection is invoked opening the UI and launching the Test Builder simultaneously.

2. Drag and drop from ‘Connections’ tab under Test Settings:

3. Drag and drop from ‘Test APIs’ section: