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Test Palette introduction

Provar has a rich set of test commands to perform different testing activities.

In general, to use a test command in your test, locate it in the Test Palette view and click and drag it into your test case. This will create a test step corresponding to that command.

In the case of UI test steps, these test steps can often be created more quickly using the Test Builder. This process is often preferable to drag-and-drop from the Test Palette, since more options can be prefilled for the user. When this option is available, it will be described on the test command’s help page with step-by-step examples.

Test Palette view

There are many different commands.

  1. Control: These test steps offer control logic such as decision statements, loops, assertions, and setting values in variables.
  2. Data: These test steps support database testing by providing data addition and modification operations on your database connection, web services testing, and email testing.
  3. Design: These test steps support a Behavior-Driven Development approach to testing and also contain steps applicable for testing with the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.
  4. Salesforce: These test steps support various Salesforce- and Force.com-specific operations such as loading test data into Salesforce (APEX Bulk) and testing Salesforce layouts (Extract Salesforce Layout and Assert Salesforce Layout).
  5. ServiceMax: These test steps are used for ServiceMax testing.
  6. UI: These test steps perform user interface testing and are best added through the Test Builder.
  7. Utility: These test steps allow you to manipulate strings, compare lists, read data from a file, and write to Excel.
  8. Messaging: These test steps support email testing by providing send and receipt testing.