The Test Builder experience

Provar’s Test Builder is an intuitive solution that lets you build test cases quickly via the browser. With Test Builder you can build up test cases in a natural and streamlined way, authoring and debugging as you go.

Interactive test authoring

Simultaneous test creation, execution and debugging with breakpoints, edits and forwards and backwards stepping.

Function and variable support

Smart autocomplete to add dynamic test data with functions and variables.

Robust locator suggestions

Provar has inbuilt locators for Salesforce fields. Get the right locator suggested automatically, or choose your preferred method based on options including name, label, CSS, ID or ProvarX™.

Rapid adoption

Intuitive and simple design makes users effective from day one. Build your first test case in minutes!

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And there’s more

Extendable and customizable

Lightning Web Component support
Provar’s bespoke locator technology, ProvarX™, supports you when traditional XPath and CSS locators fail. With ProvarX™ you can pierce the Shadow DOM for effective Lightning Web Component testing.
Intuitive locator editor
Provar helps you interactively build page object locators by highlighting the locator effectiveness, helping beginners identify unique locators and suggesting robust locators as a default. Advanced users can copy and paste or manually edit their preferred locators.
Low maintenance
Provar automatically suggests robust field locators which are resistant to cosmetic changes. Provar helps customers reduce maintenance effort by more than 80% compared to traditional automation.

Find out how Provar can help you get real results

“In Provar we can achieve automation without any coding as there is a user-friendly interface for creating tests. This is a huge advantage. Today the coverage of our automated tests is high because our tests are created by functional testers.”
“Provar is very easy to learn, even for people who don’t have a technical background. Fast and easy implementation. You can build complex test cases rapidly.”
“Salesforce Test Automation made easy! Quite pleased with the point and click framework of the tool and the ease with which test cases can be produced and maintained. Efficiency of testing has improved quite a lot for us and Provar has made our test automation onboarding very easy with minimal coding needed for test engineers to get started.”

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