Testing Salesforce should be as easy as using it.

Salesforce is constantly changing. Clicks replaced code, and user experiences are generated automatically. Traditional automated testing platforms were designed for a predictable environment.

Changes to frames, dynamic content, tables, shadow DOM, profiles and permissions cause traditional automated tests to break as Salesforce evolves.


Provar tests are unbreakable because we designed Provar from the ground up to test Salesforce.

Traditional Automated Tests Break

Salesforce releases change the HTML, Javascript, and CSS that make up the user interface. Underlying APIs also change, and Salesforce periodically introduces new Frameworks like Visualforce, Aura, and Lightning Web Components. These changes break traditional automated tests.

What makes Provar tests unbreakable?

Provar tests work similarly to Salesforce. It  stores a declarative description of the test in a test case repository. Provar remembers the Salesforce environment in which the test was created and understands how Salesforce has changed. Tests are rendered into the new environment the same way Salesforce itself renders a user interface.

testing salesforce causes rework, waste time and money

Rework Wastes Time and Money

When traditional tests break, you enter the Rework spiral. You spend more time reworking tests than running them. Tests are more fragile than the work you are testing. The Rework spiral is frustrating, time-wasting, and expensive. Rework undermines the value of Salesforce. And superior test coverage means more Rework.


Provar tests are polymorphic, meaning that a single test can replace dozens or hundreds of traditional tests.

Polymorphic Testing at Work

Sales representatives, marketing managers, and sales operations create opportunities working on their Macs and PCs with Chrome and Safari in English, French, German, and Japanese. You deploy customizations through development, validation, and production. With Provar, you create a single Polymorphic test. With traditional automated testing, you build and maintain more than 100 tests.

Reduce Risk, Improve Sleep

With a traditional testing platform, testers create and maintain hundreds or thousands of similar tests. They may choose to ignore some of the combinations to save time – for example – by not testing in Japanese. But what if the Japan team can’t create opportunities? With Provar, you can sleep at night knowing that you have tested the customization as thoroughly as possible.

Fewer tests and more coverage in Salesforce when using Provar

Fewer Tests, More Coverage

Every Salesforce customization is available to users with various operating systems, browsers, languages, profiles, and permissions. Traditional testing requires a test for each combination. With Provar, you create a single Polymorphic test.


With Provar, you test Salesforce in the same way that you use it.

Provar is intuitive. It is easy as pointing and clicking test

Point and Click

You create a Provar test case from inside Salesforce. After opening the page, you simply right-click to add a test step. Provar automatically identifies the page, object, fields and interactions without any scripting, coding, or unsupported references to the DOM. Creating a Provar test is as easy as using Salesforce.


As you build a test step, Provar understands your intent and predicts the type of test you intend to create, saving you valuable time. If you map a button, the interaction type defaults to Click, whereas it defaults to Set Value if you map an input field.

Interactive / Iterative

Unlike traditional testing platforms, creating a test case with Provar is a playful, iterative process. After adding a test step, click “Add & Do” to run the step as you add it to your test case. You can step back, step forward, modify, add or delete steps as you go.

End to End Testing

Every Salesforce platform connects to other enterprise systems such as SAP, Netsuite, and custom integration points. Provar is designed to test Salesforce end-to-end, including all key areas of Salesforce and every external touchpoint.
Provar is designed to test Salesforce end to end
Download Provar’s Automating End-to-End Testing in Salesforce whitepaper to find out.

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