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Join our growing community of Provar certified test automation professionals at UP. Our interactive courses are designed to help you advance your career within the Salesforce testing ecosystem.

What’s more, UP content is self-serve: whenever you want to learn something new, UP is at your fingertips.

Test Analyst Enterprise
UP helped me skill up with Provar really quickly even though I am a relative beginner. I enjoyed the videos and quizzes to test my knowledge. I’m looking forward to progressing further and earning more badges!
QA Manager quote
UP will help our team develop their Provar skills in a fun, accessible way and at a time that suits them. Our new goal is to get everyone certified with Provar Essentials by the end of 2020.
Technical Tester Enterprise testimonial
UP is a great platform to recognize and acknowledge skilled Provar resources in the industry. As an experienced Provar user I’m looking forward to getting my first UP cert and looking forward to the expert content coming in 2021.
Provar University is designed to help you advance your career with Salesforce testing content

Advance Your Career

The University of Provar (UP) is designed to help you advance your career with courses that provide in-depth Salesforce testing content.

As a student, you will have access to courses to help you learn Provar essentials and advanced features, interactive lessons to learn about debugging your Provar tests, CI/CD integration and a wide range of electives to help shift your Provar feature testing left, including mobile test automation.

You’ll answer quizzes, win badges and earn certifications to show off on social media. Gain recognition in the Salesforce testing ecosystem.

Elevate your team in their Salesforce test automation skills with the help of Provar University

Empower Your Team

The University of Provar (UP) helps teams quickly up-level their Salesforce test automation skills. Onboarding new team members is easier than ever with UP’s engaging mix of videos, articles and quizzes.

If you’re looking to identify and recruit skilled Provar resources into your team, look for our new Provar Essentials certification. To verify a candidate’s Provar credentials, simply send their certification ID to your Provar Account Manager and they will be able to confirm its authenticity.

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Whether you are a current Provar customer and/or a member of the wider testing community, our new and interactive courses will help you up-level your Provar and Salesforce testing skills.

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