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Vlocity Testing

Provar supports Vlocity customers with simple and effective Vlocity testing. We help you verify your vital end to end integrations and ensure the integrity of your custom user experiences that are relied on by your customers, partners and employees.
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Addressing Vlocity Testing Needs

Vlocity extends the Salesforce platform with its Omniscript solution for low-code UI customizations. Omniscript uses Angular.js components rendered in Visualforce and Lightning Components. While this is constantly evolving, it’s essential for test teams to have a tool that can allow locators to be remapped with the minimum of effort.

Vlocity cards can also utilise SOQL to extract data for display, so it’s important that data visibility rules can be tested to ensure correct field level and record level security is implemented before deploying to production.

vlocity ui testing is simple with Provar

Vlocity UI Testing

Vlocity’s UI is made up of JSON components stored as metadata within Salesforce. When Salesforce parses and renders these Vlocity UI cards, it creates dynamic ‘ng’ locators in the DOM that makes it difficult for other automation tools to identify these fields with the traditional locators.

Provar has implemented a unique solution that readily identifies and maps Vlocity UI elements on the page using a custom locator. This makes Provar’s Vlocity testing support simple, maintainable and reliable.

Vlocity API Testing

Vlocity API Testing

Vlocity’s Data Raptor provides a suite of coarse-grained Web Services for integration processes. Provar can trigger these from within our Web Service support to validate expected outcomes and provide an additional level of unit test coverage for low-code configuration changes.

In addition, Vlocity objects are downloaded and available in the Provar Org Browser. This provides visibility of the data and also allows the tester to create/modify data. This approach can create test data quickly and is ideal for creating seed data for a deterministic test case.

ProvarDX plugin for salesforce cli


Our ProvarDX plugin for the Salesforce CLI helps customers test Vlocity Web Services and UI components from scratch org configuration through to production deployment, all with a single set of test cases.

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“It’s been a pleasure working with Provar. Provar has enabled us to set up a fast and reliable test suite that meets our Sales Cloud and Vlocity testing needs.” — QA lead, multinational telecoms company
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“Provar is a very complete solution, it’s designed for use with Salesforce but goes beyond Salesforce as well. Provar and ProvarDX have enabled us to accelerate our DevOps process and maintain a high quality standard for our Salesforce implementation.” — senior test consultant, multinational utility company

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