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End to End Testing in Salesforce

How can organizations apply the right automation strategies for their needs while staying on top of the challenges of testing Salesforce? Download Provar’s Automating end to end testing in Salesforce white paper to find out.
Automating end to end testing in Salesforce


This white paper shares Provarʼs latest customer research and feedback, in addition to recent industry trends and research, in order to identify and address the key challenges associated with automating end to end testing in the cloud.

What is end to end testing?

End to end testing is an approach which validates workflows across an application from beginning to end. It has the benefit of replicating real user scenarios so that interconnected systems can be validated for integration and data integrity. When it comes to Salesforce, this means testing not just those interactions that happen directly within Salesforce, but following the workflow into other connected applications or databases.

Why Automate?

In a recent customer survey, 90% of Provar customers said the primary reason they purchased Provar was to reduce the time and/or costs associated with manual testing. 70% wanted to deliver higher quality releases and 60% wanted to accelerate their release cycle.

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